August 30, 2016

Training with Graffikki

Welcome to the fun and exciting ‘Training with Graffikki’.  This is where you will decide whether to let us help you to have an edge over your competitors, to expand your knowledge base and to learn to be in charge of your online world.

Our teaching style is relaxed, informal, fun and straight forward.  We start with an initial 5 minute questionnaire which lets us know your current level of knowledge, your style of learning, what you would like to learn and the best way forward.  We then send you an email with a detailed outline of training, how long we believe it will take and the estimated fee for the training.  If you are happy to proceed, we then have a 15 minute chat with you and start your training. All training is paid for in advance, session by session.  Full session refunds are provided for cancellations which are made up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled training session.

Training includes:
– Set-up and profile design
– News/Post Syndication with websites & social platforms
– Management, scheduling
– Promotion, Advertising and Marketing
– The ‘do’s & don’ts’
– Target markets vs news timing
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Training includes:
– installation and set-up
– learning basics right through to advanced
– theme sourcing and customization
– free themes available
– site syndication & promotion
– site analytics set-up/analysis and SEO

Training includes:
– Content optimization: Getting articles to rank higher
– Improving website ranking: On WordPress hosted blogs and which plugins to use
– Keywords and how they work
– Link building strategies
– Ranking for local search
– How to use external profiles to build domain authority (more traffic)

Training includes:
– How to use psychology to improve your content sales
– How to make your articles get 300% more traffic on Facebook
– Creating a CTA and doing it the right way
– The power of images and how to leverage them
– Building influence with your content