March 5, 2017

Design Services

We provide a diverse, yet concise, array of website and graphic design services.  Our team work with you to create designs which accurately represent your ideas. Our team comprises of specialists in branding, promotions, international media & press and more…  Our GD Services include full branding from logo design through to billboard media design. The services we provide include:
– logo design
– business cards, visiting cards and related professional stationery
– postcards, visiting cards
– brochures of all shapes, sizes and page quantities
– e-brochures
– artwork for websites and other marketing material
– artwork for websites
– artwork touch-ups and re-designs
– book cover design
– catalogues (print and ecatalogues),
– reports
– online business plans (in the form of a website)

We structure all design and development around your requirements.  You may also choose to learn as we go, whereby we teach you how to manage the site yourself as we are designing it, if you so wish.  All our sites are SEO friendly, professional yet creative and have solid foundations to ensure that any further development you require from any company will be easily implemented. We specialize in WordPress, HTML5 and Shopify sites.

– Responsive sites
– Conversions to WordPress
– Copywriting
– Content creation
– Journalism / Blogging
– SEO – set-up & management
– Social Media – set-up & management
– Stats analysis & reporting
– News syndication
– Training & tutorials

We are pleased to inform you that we have Google Trained SEO experts as part of our team who provide you with the most efficient and effective services in this regard.  Our services include targeted keyword campaigns, call to action through social networks, competitor analysis, live content distribution, syndication of content, conversion tracking, site mapping and meta defined.