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Graphic Design

With over 20 years experience in the GD field, we have provided pro designs for the branding, promotions, international media & press, entertainment, corporate and travel industries. Our GD Services include full branding from logo design through to billboard media design.

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Editorial & Copywriting

Our team provide a highly experienced copywriting, feature writing and editorial content writing service. We also have efficient researchers to support these services. Our experience in this area is mainly within the film, TV, entertainment and travel industries.

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Website Design

Our website designers work with the Wordpress Opensource platform to create creative, professional and highly effective websites for our clients. We also have a ‘teach as we go’ service, which allows our clients to understand their website and acquire the ability to manage their online presence.

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News Syndication & SEO

With a Google Trained SEO expert and online news pros in our team, we are unparalleled with what we provide with these services. Whether you are wanting to expand your social media reach, fly up the google ranks, learn to manage your own online presence and more, we can proudly say that you are in the right place!

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Video Editing

We specialize in creating and editing video material for all online platforms. Our focus is on short videos & films with a maximum output time of 15 minutes. Social, corporate, events, tutorials, promotions and more … We offer great service, management and support packages for ‘youtubers’ !

Social Media Services

You have the right support here with Graffikki to meet all your social media needs. Our services in the ever-expanding social media arena include set-up & design, management, teaching and support, promotions, campaigns and more. You name it, we can provide it!

Hosting & SSL

We own our VPS servers which ensures efficient and extremely fast website loading times, the highest security available online and incredibly low fees. Our clients benefit from lifetime SSL certificates from only $100 and hosting fees from $50 per annum. All hosting fees include email address and tech support.